Keeping Your Plumbing Flowing Through The Holidays

The holidays are potentially the busiest time of year in most kitchens. It should be no shock that it will also be the busiest time of year for plumbers. As an emergency plumbing business, garbage disposal and sink clogs are as much a part of a holiday tradition as delicious foods.

The holiday season can push a home’s plumbing system to its limits, from the surge in kitchen activity to the increased bathroom traffic from guests. You can keep your plumbing humming along by following these helpful holiday plumbing tips.

Don’t Feed Garbage Disposals Things They Weren’t Intended To Eat And Always Keep High Fiber Foods Away From Them.
Keep celery and asparagus out of garbage disposals. Potato peels can create a starchy paste that can gum up drainpipes and disposals. Fat, grease, and oil can solidify around the garbage disposal blades and settle in drain pipes. Foods like pasta and rice can expand in water and can quickly cause plumbing troubles. While fine fish bones are generally okay, larger bones need to be properly disposed of.

Have A Plan
It’s probably time you took a look at your garbage disposal’s manual. You can likely find it online with a quick search for your disposal’s manufacturer name and model number. Most have a manual crank that allows you to manually turn the blade when it’s stuck. Never put your hand in the garbage disposal to clear a clog! Some disposals may also be able to turn themselves off to prevent motor damage. You’ll need to press a reset button to restore power once you’ve cleared the clog.

A House Full Of Guests
Bathrooms are the busiest when you’re playing host. Take a peek inside your toilet’s tank just to make sure your flapper is in good condition and everything is in its proper place. It’s also a good idea to stick a plunger in the bathroom just so that it’s ready in the event of a potential overflow.

We understand that accidents happen at the most inopportune times. Give [ps-business-name] a call at [ps-phone-group] today. We’ll help you with your holiday plumbing emergency!

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