Common Causes Of Toilet Clogs

Did You Flush Something You Shouldn’t Have?
Excess tissues, cotton balls, cotton swabs, dental floss, feminine products, diapers, or your home plumbing system’s greatest nightmare… “baby wipes”. Stick to human waste and toilet paper and you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

Clogged Traps
A u-shaped pipe, referred to as a trap, keeps sewer gasses and foul odors from creeping into your home. Unfortunately, this bend in the plumbing is the perfect place for clogs to form. Clearing this clog is no fun for homeowners so make sure not to flush anything listed above or too much toilet paper all at once.

Ineffective Flapper
The rubber gasket at the bottom of your toilet tank is known as a flapper. If the flapper doesn’t properly open all the way, your toilet will have weak flushes. This can cause build-up as a result of the poor flush, causing a clog. Easy to fix, just adjust the chain inside the tank and test to see if the flapper fully opens when flushing the toilet.

Trouble On The Roof
It’s altogether possible that the vent pipes on the roof can get clogged by falling leaves and debris. This messes with the free flow of air in your plumbing system, creating a vacuum that leads to clogs. It’s best to call a plumbing professional for this job.

Sewer Lines
This is often the worst-case scenario because your private property could be at risk of expensive labor for digging and pipe replacement. A professional plumber should be equipped with an in-pipe camera for inspecting your sewer system. Not always the fault of material flowing through your pipes but often times powerful tree roots can break through pipes and disrupt the free flow of wastewater.

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