Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water?

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water?
Our senses are good indicators of contaminated water. If your tap water looks cloudy; smells or tastes peculiar; has a yellow, orange, or brown tint, beware of hazardous carcinogenic chemicals. Even if you can’t smell, taste, or see something awry, some contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, making it difficult to evaluate. If you want to know for sure, it’s best to have your water professionally tested.

Does A Whole House Water Filtration System Make Your Tap Water Safe To Drink?
Water filtration systems eliminate some of the harmful chemicals, but not all of them. Yes, it’s better than nothing, but choosing the best filtration system can be difficult. That’s because some water filtration systems only remove certain types of compounds. Have your water professionally tested can help educate you on the types of compounds found so you can choose the best filtration system to strip the harmful elements from your water. A good all-around filtration system for drinking water is reverse osmosis. They remove a wide spectrum of contaminants but unfortunately leave some pesticides and other chemicals.

Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?
Most bottled water is just filtered tap water sold at over 1,000 times the price. Not only is bottled water more expensive, but it’s contributed to excessive waste. It’s estimated that the American public alone goes through 50 billion water bottles a year with more than 80% of the plastic containers ending up unrecycled in landfills. If you’re going to drink filtered bottled water, it’s best to filter it your self and use a reusable water bottle made from stainless steel.

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