Should I Be Taking Baths Or Showers?

First, we should state probably the one you prefer. Both have their strengths and weaknesses so let’s examine what each has going for them.
Nobody can deny showers are quick and convenient other than waiting for the water to warm up. While a bath tends to be on the leisurely side of things, drawing the perfect bath takes a bit of time and taking one perhaps even more. It’s important to note that skin can become irritated if not rinsed properly; so a shower might still be in the option for you. If rinsing in a shower after bathing is inconvenient, consider installing a bathtub faucet that includes a hand-held sprayer for rinsing off.
Water Consumption
This may be a push if you like taking very long showers. Typically showers conserve more water than baths. Many luxury homes are equipped with much larger freestanding bathtubs that are even less eco-friendly.
Skin Care
This may be of great concern to you if you have sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. You might feel more relaxed after a long bath but it can result in much dryer or irritated skin. If you love baths, keep its temperature down and consider using an additive like Epsom salts or bath bombs to help mitigate dry skin.
Ok… no contest here. The modern bath experience is all about your personal spa. Soaking in warm water can soothe sore muscles and lower stress levels. Throw some relaxing music and aromatherapy into the mix and you might be transported to another place, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. If you’re looking for the ultimate bath experience, give us a call at [ps-phone-group] or click here to send us a message to learn about the latest in luxury bath and shower options for your home.

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